Current EU's energy markets highs and lows may attract investors around the globe. Some may already ponder necessary first steps to start electricity trading in the EU.


Technically, every market actor intending to enter into transactions or place orders to trade in European Union’s wholesale energy markets (including those established or resident outside the EU) need to be registered with the European Register of Market Participants (CEREMP) and get the ACER Code.


CEREMP is currently used by all European Union’s national regulatory authorities to register market participants, except for Agencija za energijo in Slovenia, ARERA in Italy and ANRE in Romania which have established separate tools for this purpose.


But which national mutation of CEREMP to choose - from the perspective of an outsider?


In principle, you should determine the EU Member State in which you are / intend to be "predominantly active" - this determination legally (Article 9(1) of REMIT) directs you to the respective national regulatory authority.

The above choice will also influence on technicalities, since the specificities of the registration process with the national regulatory authority may occur.


The time national regulatory authorities need to analyse a registration request depends primarily on the quality of the registration file and the EU Member State, which you choose for registration.


Here you can find website addresses of all national registration facilities:


It is noteworthy, market participant may register only with one national regulatory authority.











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