The importance of balancing energy in the overall electricity market follows from the fact that it is required to ensure electricity system stability under the penalty of the blackout - if it is not available on a sufficiently firm basis.


What should be its price then? Some say that even greater than the VoLL, simply because of obvious collateral damages of the blackout.

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Existing technical price limit (99,999 €/MWh) seems to be quite high and the ACER considers it is “sufficiently high”.

Nevertheless, it is transitionally lowered (see ACER Decision No 03/2022 of 25 February 2022 on the amendment to the methodology for pricing balancing energy and cross-zonal capacity used for the exchange of balancing energy or operating the imbalance netting process).


But the word: "limit" is not involved with any restrictions as when it is approached, its value is heightened. So, the sky is the limit?




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