Documents to be collected by the operator before verification


The operator is under the obligation to provide the verifier, among others, with:


(a) the operator’s greenhouse gas emissions permit,


(b) the latest version of the operator’s monitoring plan,


(c) any other relevant versions of the monitoring plan approved by the competent authority, including evidence of the approval;


(d) a description of the operator’s data flow activities;


(e) the operator’s risk assessment (referred to in Article 58(2)(a) of the M&R Regulation), and an outline of the overall control system;


(f) the procedures mentioned in the monitoring plan as approved by the competent authority, including procedures for:

- data flow activities and

- control activities;


(g) the operator’s or aircraft operator’s annual emission or tonne-kilometre report, as appropriate;


(h) where applicable, the operator’s sampling plan referred to in Article 33 of M&R Regulation  as approved by the competent authority;


(i) where the monitoring plan was modified during the reporting period, a record of all those modifications in accordance with Article 16(3) of M&R Regulation


(j) where applicable, the report referred to in Article 69(4) of M&R Regulation (report to be submitted to the competent authority for approval by 30 June of the year in which  verification report is issued by the verifier describing how and when the operator has rectified or plans to rectify the non-conformities identified by the verifier and to implement recommended improvements);


(k) the verification report from the previous year if the verifier did not carry out the verification for that particular operator the previous year;


(l) all relevant correspondence with the competent authority, in particular information related to the notification of modifications of the monitoring plan;


(m) information on databases and data sources used for monitoring and reporting purposes, including those from Eurocontrol;


(n) where the verification concerns the emission report of an installation carrying out the geological storage of greenhouse gases in a storage site permitted under Directive 2009/31/EC, the monitoring plan required by that Directive and the reports required by Article 14 of that Directive.


It is rather obvious that before the verifier issues the verification report, the operator must  provide it also with the final authorised and internally validated operator’s report.



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