Prepare for site visit


The V&A Regulation requires that at one or more appropriate times during the verification process, the verifier must conduct a site visit in order to assess the operation of measuring devices and monitoring systems, to conduct interviews, to carry out the activities required by the said Regulation as well as to gather sufficient information and evidence enabling it to conclude whether the operator’s or aircraft operator’s report is free from material misstatements. For the purposes of verifying the operator’s emission report, the verifier will also use a site visit to assess the boundaries of the installation as well as the completeness of source streams and emission sources. The V&A Regulation obliges the operator to provide the verifier access to its sites.


It follows, if the site visit of the verifier is inevitable, the operator should be appropriately prepared for this in advance.


The exception to the above is the framework for simplified verification for installations (provided for in Article 31(1) of the V&A Regulation), however, not carrying out site visits for installations in that situation requires the approval of the competent authority. The said approval needs to be submitted to the verifier by the operator when engaging the verifier.





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