Electricity Consumption Efficiency Benchmark’, in MWh/tonne of output and defined at Prodcom 8 level, means the product-specific electricity consumption per tonne of output achieved by the most electricity-efficient methods of production for the product considered.


For products within the eligible sectors for which fuel and electricity exchangeability has been established in the Commission Decision 2011/278/EU, the definition of electricity consumption efficiency benchmarks is made within the same system boundaries, taking into account only the share of electricity.


The corresponding electricity consumption benchmarks for products covered by eligible sectors and subsectors will be listed by the European Commission in Annex III to the Guidelines.


The source of the definition - European Commission Communication on Guidelines on Certain State Aid Measures in the Context of the Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowance Trading Scheme Post 2012 C(2012) 3230 final {SWD(2012) 130 final} {SWD(2012) 131 final} of 22 May 2012.