Maximum Aid Intensity’ means the total aid amount expressed as a percentage of the eligible costs.


All figures used must be taken before any deduction of tax or other charges.


Where aid is awarded in a form other than a grant, the aid amount must be the equivalent of the grant in terms of value.


Aid payable in several instalments must be calculated at its total net present value at the moment of granting the first instalment, using the relevant Commission reference rate for discounting the value over time.


The aid intensity is calculated per beneficiary.


The source of the definition - European Commission Communication on Guidelines on Certain State Aid Measures in the Context of the Greenhouse Gas Emission Allowance Trading Scheme Post 2012 C(2012) 3230 final {SWD(2012) 130 final} {SWD(2012) 131 final} of 22 May 2012.