The mandatory format and content of the publication of the technical information on network access by hydrogen networks operators and information to be published at al relevant points and time schedule are stipulated in point 4 of the Annex I to the Proposal for a Regulation on the internal markets for renewable and natural gases and for hydrogen (recast - COM/2021/804 final).

The said draft provisions require hydrogen network operators to provide all information necessary for network users to gain effective access to the network in the following manner:

(a) on a website accessible to the public, free of charge and without any need to register or otherwise sign on with the hydrogen network operator;

(b) on a regular/rolling basis; the frequency shall be according to the changes that take place and the duration of the service;

(c) in a user-friendly manner;

(d) in a clear, quantifiable, easily accessible way and on a non-discriminatory basis;

(e) in a downloadable format that has been agreed between hydrogen network operators and the regulatory authorities – on the basis of an opinion on a harmonised format that shall be provided by ACER – and that allows for quantitative analyses.


The above rules, in principle, are nothing new, given comparable frameworks existing in natural gas and electricity markets.


What may be of particular importance for future users of hydrogen networks is that consistent units must be used, in particular kWh shall be the unit for energy content and m3 shall be the unit for volume.

Moreover, the constant conversion factor to energy content shall be provided.

In addition to the format above, publication in other units is also possible.


All data must be made available as of 1 October 2025 and the publication on one Union-wide central platform, established by the European Network of Network Operators for Hydrogen is envisioned.


Publications will be made in the official language(s) of the EU Member State and in English.


As can be expected, hydrogen network operators are also publish the following information about their systems and services:

(a) a detailed and comprehensive description of the different services offered and their charges;

(b) the different types of transportation contracts available for these services.


Another important aspect is information to be published at all relevant points and respective time schedules.

The said draft Annex I stipulates that at all relevant points, hydrogen network operators shall publish the information as listed in points (a) to (g), for all services on a numerical basis, in hourly or daily periods.

This information and updates must be published as soon as available to the hydrogen network operator (‘near real time’):

(a) the technical capacity for flows in both directions;

(b) the total contracted capacity in both directions;

(c) the nominations and re-nominations in both directions;

(d) the available capacity in both directions;

(e) actual physical flows;

(f) planned and actual interruption of capacity;

(g) planned and unplanned interruptions to services. Planned interruptions shall be published at least 42 days in advance.


At all relevant points, the information under points (a), (b) and (d) above must be published for a period of at least 24 months ahead.


At all relevant points, hydrogen network operators must also publish historical information on the requirements of points (a) to (f) above for the past 5 years on a rolling basis.


Hydrogen network operators shall publish measured values of the hydrogen purity and contaminants at all relevant points, on a daily basis. Preliminary figures shall be published at the latest within 3 days. Final figures shall be published within 3 months after the end of the respective month.



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