CEREMP (the Centralised European Registry of Energy Market Participants) is an online database established and maintained by the Agency for the Cooperation of Energy Regulators (ACER or Agency) for gathering basic information about all market participants trading the European wholesale energy products.


According to Article 9(1) of Regulation (EU) No 1227/2011 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 25 October 2011 on wholesale energy market integrity and transparency (REMIT), all REMIT market participants are required, before entering into reportable transactions, to register in the Member State where they are established or resident, or if they are not established or resident in the European Union, in a Member State where they are active.


According to Article 9(3) of REMIT, the ACER, in cooperation with the EU Member States National Regulatory Authorities (NRAs), shall determine the format through which NRAs transmit the information on market participants to the Agency (the "REMIT Registration Format").


The building blocks for the REMIT Registration Format have been set in the ACER Decision n° 01/2012 of 26 June 2012.


Recital 8 of ACER Decision n° 01/2012 provides for the possibility, in due course, of reviewing and if necessary adopting changes to this REMIT Registration Format.


NRAs are responsible for setting up national registers of market participants, which they shall keep up to date (Article 9(2) of REMIT).


On its side, the ACER shall set up and keep up to date the European register of market participants (EREMP) which is based on the national registers maintained by NRAs (Article 9(3) of REMIT).


For this purpose, the Agency has set up the Centralised European Register of Energy Market Participants (CEREMP) as an IT platform to host the European register of market participants.


The establishment of CEREMP is among the goals of ACER's overall REMIT Information System (ARIS) and is the key instrument used in the process for market participants' registration.


The technical development of CEREMP started in early 2013, and was finalised in June 2014.


The CEREMP platform became operational on 16 June 2014 and can be used by the NRAs as an IT platform to host their national registers of energy market participants.


The European register of market participants was first published on 17 March 2015 (available on the REMIT Portal) and has since been regularly updated.


Every market participant registering with CEREMP must provide details for each of the three positions in the market participant's organisation:



See also:


European Register of Market Participants, ACER website 



- Contact for REMIT communications,

- Person responsible for trading decisions [not individual traders],

- Person responsible for operational decisions.


It is also necessary to designate within the market participants' organisation persons competent to submit data into the CEREMP system (the practical solution will be to establish several persons having user account linked to the market participant). 


In addition to using CEREMP for the establishment of the European Register of Market Participants by the ACER, the system was also made available to the NRAs for the establishment and management of their national registers (in fact, CEREMP was intended to be filled with information from national registers of market participants).


These registers are established and managed by NRAs, which are responsible for regulating the electricity and gas markets in each Member State of the European Union.


NRAs may use different systems to register market participants (not only CEREMP). 


Therefore, NRAs have two options regarding the registration system:

- an NRA can use CEREMP for managing its own national register of market participants or;

- an NRA can develop its own system.


Technically, if an NRA decides to develop its own registration system, it can either transmit the data from its national register to CEREMP via a batch upload or data entry, or it can interface its own national system with CEREMP via web services.


ACER's Annual Report on its activities under REMIT in 2014 evidences three NRAs opted to develop their own systems for the registration of market participants, out of which two chose to interface their own national systems with CEREMP via web services, and one NRA chose to transmit the data from its national register to CEREMP via batch upload or data entry.


The remaining NRAs decided to use CEREMP for managing their national registers. 


As of March 2016 the situation did not change and still 25 out of 29 NRAs used the CEREMP platform to host their national registers of energy market participants.


However, if a person not being a market participant intends to fulfill the role of the Registered Reporting Mechanism (RRM), it registers directly with ACER with the mandatory use of CEREMP.


When it comes to technical soundness, the CEREMP platform has been available more than 99% of the time since it became operational.


As of 17 March 2016, 7 384 market participants were registered in the European register of market participants.


As REMIT Quarterly Q1/2021 reported, in 2020 nearly 1,000 new market participants were included in the CEREMP, which was 6% more than in 2019.


Nevertheless, the ratio of registered market participants that were actively reporting remained 65%, the same as in 2018 and 2019.


At the end of 2021, the number of market participants registered in the CEREMP was 15,186, which is 3% less than in 2020, mainly as a consequence of Brexit (REMIT Quarterly, Issue No. 27 /Q4 2021).


Nevertheless, the ratio between those actively reporting under REMIT and all registered market participants (65%) remained approximately the same as in 2019 and 2020.


According to the ACER, the gap between registered and reporting market participants may indicate non-compliance with REMIT reporting for some entities, furthermore, there may be entities that are considered market participants under REMIT but fail to register with their national regulatory authority as outlined in Article 9(1) or REMIT.


As indicated in the REMIT Quarterly, Issue No. 27 /Q4 2021, ACER will “continue screening data and cooperating with national regulatory authorities and organised market places in order to further mitigate the risk of non-compliance with the data reporting obligation of Article 8 of REMIT”.



The country-specific CEREMP websites


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