'Power Park Module' or 'PPM' means a unit or ensemble of units generating electricity, which is either non-synchronously connected to the network or connected through power electronics, and that also has a single connection point to a transmission system, distribution system including closed distribution system or HVDC system (Article 2(17) of the Network Code on Requirements for Grid Connection of Generators (NC RfG)).


Power electronics interface most PPM are connected is either full-size or partial converter (ENTSO-E guidance document for national implementation for network codes on grid connection, Reactive power control modes for PPM & HVDC, Draft for consultation 1 July -15 August 2016, of 30 June 2016 (p. 3)).


Detailed technical requirements for Power Park Modules are laid down in Title II, Chapter 3 of the NC RfG (separately for types B, C, and D as well as Offshore Power Park Modules - Articles 20 - 28).




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Network Code on Requirements for Grid Connection of Generators (NC RfG), Article 2(17)










Generation unit


Synchronous Power Generating Module


Power Generating Module