The process for opening EUA accounts with the is governed by the EU ETS Registry Regulation, which is uniform in the European Union.

However, there are national "parts" of the EU EU ETS Registry, which enjoy some autonomy and discretion in establishing internal procedures.


Hence, details may in some cases differ - importantly.



Procedure and requirements for opening account 



When deciding which one national registry is most suitable the third-country potential EUAs traders sometimes - in the absence of other important determinants - follow liquidity, i.e. ICE Endex, which drive them to the registry account in the Dutch emissions registry.


However, an example of such important national additional barriers is a requirement for holders of EUA trading accounts in the Netherlands to register with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce. 

The proof of VAT registration is also required.


This means that all holders of person holding accounts and trading accounts must be registered with the Dutch Chamber of Commerce.


Details are here and here.


The Dutch Emissions Authority will verify whether the aforementioned registration requirement has been met by means of an extract from the Chamber of Commerce.


Companies with their seat of business abroad must also submit supporting documentation to prove the business address of the legal entity.


To gain access to an account in the Dutch section of the CO2 Registry, market participants first need a Dutch URID number. 


This number must be generated before you start filling in the form, as it must be entered on the application.


Here is the link to the application form to open an account in the CO2 Registry.


Requirements for opening an account are specified here:


Firstly, there is a requirement to get the EU Login, which is the central login for the CO2 registry, as well as other applications run by the European Commission.

Each user has only one EU login account. If you have accounts in more than one national parts of the registry (e.g. NL and DE), you still need one EU Login account.


With this account you will be able to access all your accounts in the different national parts of the CO2 registry

The accounts in the NL part of the EU registry are administered by the Dutch emissions authority (NEa). The procedure to apply for an account in the NL part of the registry is as follows:


Step 1

Complete the form and send it to the NEa using the program. You are asked to fill in the following information:

- details of the organisation that applies to the account;

- details of the persons who get access to the account;

- if the company that applies for the account is not obliged to participate in the system of emission allowance trading: information about the ultimate beneficial owner.

The NEa will process the application and will inform you within 10 working days about the rest of the procedure and the documents that are required.


Step 2

Collect the required documents and send these by post to the NEa. Please take into account that it can take a certain period of time to collect these documents. It can be necessary to get the documents certified and legalized.


The NEa will assess the documents you have sent and will contact you within 20 working days after receiving them. Depending on your situation a third step might be necessary, in which the NEa will request additional details or documents necessary to reach a decision on your application.


If you have any questions about this procedure or if you need help filling in this application form, there is the possibility to contact the Helpdesk NEa. You can find the contact details on the top of this form.


A trading account costs €400 per year, and cannot be opened until this amount has been transferred to the NEa's account. 

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